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Active fixed income. Custom-made for skilled active management

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Sure, among investors, passive investment strategies still can yield exposure to broad market data, according to 

Yet, for skilled active management, the new regime today, which is comprised of inflation and interest rates pointing north as well as an acceleration of dispersion across fixed income sectors and regions, is custom made for skilled active management, the site continued.

Considering that, among investors, the time now be just right to opportunistically position their portfolios.

Now, given the rebound of inflation’s largely a global matter, you might want to put the cookie cutter away. In Europe, inflation’s being fueled by catalysts that vary from the issue in the U.S. Distinct structural headwinds face each region – a divergence that, for investors, sparks possible opportunities.

In Europe, well, climbing inflation’s stems mainly from energy and food prices unfavorably tipping the scale. The spiraling price tags of these staples have been absorbed by businesses and consumers. Meantime, In the U.S., demand, more so, has been the impetus of recent pressures driven by inflation.

Their respective fixed income markets have priced in the duo threats of recession and sources of inflation in the euro area opposed to the U.S.

The brunt of the changes in interest rates potentially can be minimized through the active management of sensitivity to interest rates with duration positioning, according to Blunting sensitivity to rates changes could usher in positive returns in any rate environment.


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