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Annuity Sales are Booming, Brighthouse Leading

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Annuities have been on a hot streak as of late and that continues into the 2021. Data collected from a combination of Morningstar and Beacon Annuity Solutions shows that sales for all annuities are up 17.3% through the first half of 2021 dwarfing previous years growth. And over the previous year up a staggering 27.9%. But the makeup tells the interesting story, total fixed annuities were up 12.1% while fixed annuities were almost level with 0.2% growth. And within variable annuities it was registered index linked annuities that dominated the sector with 11.2% growth and up 107.8% over the previous year’s same period. The book value of fixed annuities grew from 32% from Q1 to Q2 in 2021 totaling $12.7 billion.

FINSUM: This is a huge growth in annuities, and it probably stems from the inflation risk in the bond market, annuities are just the safer alternative for an income stream vs yield-less bonds.

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