Thursday, 17 September 2020 15:32

The Industry Keeps Moving Towards Goals-based Investing

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The nature of financial advice needs to be constantly evolving to client needs. The industry is generally responsive to this, one need only look at the large growth of independence and fiduciaries since the Financial Crisis. One new direction clients are driving advisors towards is goals-based investing. The main idea is to invest a client’s assets with particular life goals in mind (and not just retirement!), and then report on the progress towards those goals over time. The aim is to empower clients to meet their objectives and make saving and investing feel less abstract. Asset managers are also getting on board. For instance, Franklin Templeton has just announced the launch of their new Goals Optimization Engine, which “provides investors with personalized investment paths for their unique goals, and allows financial professionals a scalable way to offer a differentiated investment solution and deepen client relationships”.

FINSUM: Getting into the behavioral psychology aspect of this, studies have shown that individuals often have a hard time saving now for gains in the future—the desire for instant gratification works against long-term interests. Therefore, by focusing on near- and long-term goals, you make saving less boring and abstract, which helps clients commit.

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