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Fixed Index Annuities Can Offer Great Downside Protection

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Fixed index annuities can be an ideal investment if you are looking for a mix of upside gain and downside protection. Many annuities in this category allow a range of choices that mean investors can get much of the upside of an index and still combine it will downside protection. A couple good examples include Lincoln National’s OptiBlend 5 and Delaware Life Insurance Company’s Retirement Stages 7 Fixed Index Annuity. For instance, Lincoln’s offering allows investors to choose exposure to the S&P 500 or the Fidelity AIM Dividend Index and holders can change their allocation each year. Holders can receive a percentage portion of the upside of each index (i.e. up to 35% from the S&P 500 and up to 89% of the AIM Dividend Index).

FINSUM: FIAs can provide a nice mix of benefits and peace of mind, but it is key to remember that the cost of that protection can be quite high.

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