Friday, 11 October 2019 08:37

Fidelity Cuts All Commissions (plus a Twist)

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(New York)

It actually took longer than we expected. Last week there was a big splash in markets and media when Schwab, TDA, and E*Trade all cut their commissions in response to a first move by Schwab. Now, unsurprisingly—except for how long it took—Fidelity has followed suit. The unique part about Fidelity’s move is that in addition to free trades, it is also offering free money market funds for any cash left in accounts. Those are currently 1.58%, and way ahead of the near zero yield you get on cash at Schwab, TDA, and E*Trade.

FINSUM: The whole market has gone to zero on trading commissions. One wonders if the same is going to happen on large ETFs.

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