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Model Portfolios Are Core Advisor Technology

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The demand for technology to support model portfolio management and portfolio construction is on the rise as firms aim to centralize and scale these services to stay competitive. Model portfolios are becoming a game-changer for financial advisors, with significant growth expected over the next decade due to their efficiency in diversification, risk management, and tailored financial planning. 


Advisors increasingly rely on asset managers to help manage these portfolios, and Jacobi's technology facilitates this by centralizing performance analytics, integrating investment workflows, and generating professional client reports. T. Rowe Price, an early adopter, has experienced improved efficiency and client engagement through Jacobi's platform. 


Model portfolios use technology to enhances team collaboration and meets rising client demands, and they are driving efficiency and expanding market distribution for asset managers.

Finsum: Model portfolios have been one of the biggest technological innovations for financial advisors in the last decade. 

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