Tuesday, 18 June 2024 06:15

Stock Bond Correlation Recalibrates Portfolio Construction

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In wealth management, the portfolio is the product and it’s crucial for achieving clients' long-term goals. Despite the additional services offered, the portfolio's performance is paramount. 


One key challenge is adapting portfolio construction to ever-changing market conditions, such as the recent shift to positive bond/stock correlations. Previously, low or negative correlations enhanced diversification benefits, but this advantage has lessened. 


As a result, professionals are exploring new ways to diversify, though it's important not to over-rely on these new methods. While increased correlations make reducing volatility more difficult and investors should turn to alts in these types of environments, a measured approach to diversification is essential to maintain long-term returns.


Finsum: Privates and alts are more necessary than ever to hedge the current increased stock-bond correlation. 

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