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Escapism and Perspective for Financial Advisors: Top Art Museums in the U.S.

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Exploring art museums isn't a leisure reserved for those in the artistic community; it's an enriching experience for financial advisors too. These vibrant spaces offer valuable insights into innovation and creativity, which are essential qualities in the financial world. 


Artists are navigating an evolving technological landscape, that is mirrored throughout society including that in the financial world. Embrace the opportunity to explore art museums and discover how creativity can fuel success in the financial advisory realm. 


One of the most popular destinations in the world is the Museum of Modern Art in New York city which specializes in art from the 19th century onward. For those in the Midwest, the Art Institute in Chicago features great works by Frank Loyd Wright and is near many Chicago cultural touchstones. Finally, those on the west coast should visit the LACMA in Los Anges which touch many places in the contemporary and historical art landscape. 

Finsum: Art is also a rapidly growing alternative asset class and could provide a new perspective in investing.

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