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Assessing Model Portfolio Performance vs Advisors

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In an article for AdvisorHub, Lisa Fu covers a recent research report from Cerulli Associates which shows that portfolios managed by CIOs outperform those managed by advisors over multiple time frames. Over the last 3 years, model portfolios earned a 1.8% annual return which beat the 1% return of advisor-managed portfolios. The outperformance was similar on longer timeframes as well. 


Further, the outperformance was even stronger during periods of market volatility. During negative quarters over the last decade, model portfolios outperform 60% of the time. Model portfolio performance was also more consistent while advisor-led portfolios have much wider dispersion in terms of results. 


Of course, this is an indication that most advisors are better off using model portfolios which frees up more time to focus on operating a business, prospecting for new clients, and investing in client services and relationships. 


Many older advisors are resistant to giving up these responsibilities given that it was an integral part of the job for so many years. Yet, firms are encouraging younger advisors to go with model portfolios due to better outcomes for clients’ portfolios and more time and energy for tasks and actions that are more correlated with success.

Finsum: A research report from Cerulli Associates shows that model portfolios perform better than advisor-managed portfolios.


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