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The Future of Financial Advice?

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With major technological disruption happening in every industry, it’s natural to consider how the financial advisor industry will change over the coming decades. After all, the industry is unrecognizable to how it was a few decades ago. Here are some of the trends that will shape how the industry evolves. 


People, especially the younger generation, are increasingly spending more time in the digital world including when it comes to managing their finances. Many in this cohort would rather communicate with their advisors over text, email, or video calls. 


Artificial intelligence (AI) presents a threat and opportunity to advisors. AI is being used to augment robo-advisors and give them more interactive capabilities and personalized advice. While this could lead to some market share gains, advisors can also utilize AI to augment their own businesses by improving back-end operations, automating low-level processes, reducing expenses, free up time for client services, and boosting marketing efforts.  


Another major opportunity is the massive aging of the population and retirement of the baby boomer population. As this generation passes, trillions in wealth will be passed down to Generation Z and Millennials. Successful advisors will be able to form trust and relationships with older clients and their children.

Finsum: The financial advisor industry is going to face major challenges and opportunities over the next couple of decades. Demographics and technology are two of the most impactful.


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