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How Advisors Are Landing Clients in 2023

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The world is always changing. This applies to how people spend their time, do business, communicate, socialize, entertain themselves, etc. The same applies for financial advisors when they are trying to recruit clients. While the principles remain the same, the methods must be constantly adapted to new technology and generations.


For SmartAsset, Rebecca Lake shared some tactics that are working for financial advisors in 2023. While there is plenty of content on the tried and true paths such as referrals or getting involved in the community, Lake explores more unconventional routes.


An interesting angle is to cultivate relationships with estate lawyers. Often, someone gets an inheritance and is in immediate need of an advisor. A recommendation from the estate lawyer can land an advisor a high net-worth client with minimal effort. Similarly, a tax accountant can also be a great source of referrals especially as people are more motivated to get their financial life under control during tax season.


Another approach is counterintuitive and that is to seek out older advisors and ask them for referrals. Many older advisors are not really interested in adding new clients as they have enough on their plates. Thus, they may recommend that the prospect meet with a different advisor who can do a better job for them. 

Finsum: Financial advisors have to get creative to land new clients. Here are some unconventional approaches that are working in 2023.


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