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Secrets of an Annuity Sales Guru

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John Olsen, the founder and president of Olsen Annuity Education and the author of ‘The Advisor’s Guide to Annuities’ recently spoke with ThinkAdvisor to share some insights on how advisors can sell more annuities. 


His advice is somewhat counterintuitive. He believes the ‘secret to secret to selling annuities is to give up on trying to sell annuities.’ This is because an advisor must always think about a client’s financial plan and not about potential product solutions. Instead, advisors should consider all financial products, including annuities, like tools to accomplish a job rather than the goal.


Therefore, an advisor’s task is to gain a complete understanding of your clients which includes their financial situation, personality, risk tolerance, lifestyle factors, health considerations, etc., to determine what ‘tool’ will be the most effective. He also believes that most of an advisors’ job is about understanding their clients’ emotions rather than quantitative factors.


Most financial plans fail because advisors don’t understand that emotions are ultimately what drive decision-making. And, a plan that doesn’t take into account these ‘soft’ factors is bound to fail as most decision-making is ultimately driven by emotions. 

Finsum: John Olsen, the founder of Olsen Annuity Education and one of the top annuity salesman in past years, shares some tips on selling annuities.


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