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Direct indexing yields sense of availability

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Want to mix with the big boys, eh? Well, you can partake in an approach to investing that, previously, institutional or ultra-high-net-worth investors alone had access to, according to

Today, more investment firms offer “personalized” or “direct” indexing to Main Street investors. Typically, the trend, controversial though it might be, compels buying and trading stocks directly – a mirror image of an index. With cost conscious index investors squarely on their radar,  smart supercomputer programs and the ability to buy fractions of shares, at least three firms—Fidelity, Schwab and Wealthfront—are repackaging the service, a climate aided by no commission trading.

Meantime, earlier this month, as part of an industry trend, Morningstar became the latest company to launch a direct indexing investment offering, according to

And in the landscape of firsts, Morningstar Direct Indexing’s has its mojo; it’s one of Morningstar Wealth’s maiden major product launches. The indicated that, to begin with, direct indexing portfolios will be available the Morningstar Wealth Platform.

“Advisors are looking for ways to meet client interest in new investment options, particularly those that allow customization and personalization,” Daniel Needham, Morningstar Wealth president, said in a statement.


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