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Thursday, 05 July 2018 09:29

Gold’s Weakness is Great News for Stocks

(New York)

Despite all the fears over a trade war, recession, and bear market, there has been relatively little media chatter surrounding gold. Gold is usually seen as a good hedge to political and market calamity, and while it has seen some gains, there isn’t the usual excitement that surrounds it. All of that may be good news, however, for stocks as the spread between gold and platinum suggests the equity bull market has more room to run, according to a pair of professors from Cornell and USC. The gold-platinum ratio reflects both industrial demand and investor anxiety, and when it is high, it tends to indicate that stocks will perform well.

FINSUM: There are a lot of factors that go into the price relationship between two commodities, so it is hard to draw a conclusion for a third asset class. That said, the logic underlying this argument seems sound.

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Monday, 04 June 2018 08:49

Gold Bulls Rejoice

(New York)

It might be a great time to buy gold, or at least that is what one of the top gold funds on the street is saying. VanEck International Investors Gold fund, which has routinely outperformed peers, says Gold is finally likely to break out its narrow trading range. Gold suffered a terrible bear market from 2011 to 2015, and prices are low and there is little selling pressure. This, coupled with heightened geopolitical risk and inflation, mean that gold seems likely to find a catalyst for strong performance.

FINSUM: We do agree that prices are low and there is little selling pressure, but there have been plenty of other times there were geopolitical catalysts, so it is hard for us to get behind that notion.

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Tuesday, 01 May 2018 02:22

JP Morgan Says Market Will Collapse

(New York)

JP Morgan has just put out a guide which may be very interesting to investors—a manual for how to navigate the end of easy money. The bank thinks the equity market’s response to earnings has been very worrisome lately, and they are very bearish. The bank recommends that in 2019, investors go underweight equities and long gold and long duration as the economic cycle ends and real rates “collapse”.

FINSUM: This is an extraordinarily bearish outlook from JP Morgan, and it seems mostly dictated by weakness in equity prices lately. Investors should take this warning seriously.

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Tuesday, 27 March 2018 09:49

Metals are Sending a Bad Signal on the Economy

(New York)

Sometimes looking at raw materials is a great way to get a signal on the economy, especially as they are frequently leading indicators for what is coming. Well, one metal is screaming of bad times to come—silver. Gold is priced at 82x silver, the highest level in two years, which is a seen as a poor indicator. “Money managers tend to favor gold when they think markets might turn rocky and discard silver when they are worried about slower global growth crimping consumption”, says the Wall Street Journal. 55% of demand for silver is for industrial purposes, which links it more with fundamental metals like copper.

FINSUM: So this is an interesting insight, but because silver is not a pure industrial commodity (it is also somewhat of a value store), this comparison does not seem quite as pertinent. Gold to copper would be more interesting.

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018 10:12

Gold Rush as $368m of Bars Fall from Plane


Sometimes we just have to run a story for fun that has no relevance to markets or investing. This is one of them. Evidently, last week a plane flowing over Siberia (Yakutia to be exact) had its cargo hatch break open. When it did, $368m worth of gold bars, silver, and diamonds fell from the sky down onto the frozen landscape. The “drop” happened right near the airport and the company who owned the goods had to get trusted staff to recover the bounty, but not before going through metal detectors before they went home. Now locals think that not all the gold has been recovered and flights to the area are sold out all over Russia as treasure seekers come to the frozen region.

FINSUM: Sorry for the irrelevance of the story, but treasure falling from the sky and oversold flights full of treasure hunters was too much not to share.

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