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Thursday, 11 August 2022 02:37

Pimco Clients Flee Fixed Income Funds

PIMCO saw the second quarter sell-off in bond funds as investors pulled nearly $30 billion in the last three months. The biggest cause for the sell-off is the rising rate hikes and inflation which may be causing yields to rise and bond prices to fall. Still, analysts say that if interest hikes begin to stabilize then the bond outflows will seize and even reverse into inflows. 

This is the largest sell-off since the start of the pandemic, and investors are concerned a recession is around the corner. PIMCOs shining light are the few funds that it has that are doing okay despite macro headwinds and could prove to be a driving force for inflows when markets stabilize.

Finsum: Bond prices are just too low right now and yields will fall with inflation easing and the fed tightening, but its a matter of it happening soon enough. 

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Wednesday, 27 April 2022 19:07

These Junk Bonds are Best for the Downturn

Pick your favorite recession signal and there is a chance it's flashing the warning signs. Most are eyeing the 2-to-10 year yield curve which inverted in early April. Investors worried about the recession should turn to high-yield bonds, but specifically, those ‘sin’ goods are the best remedy for the recession. Alcohol and Tobacco are two of the best performing industries in the 12-months leading to a recession and the years after. Food and beverage, utilities, and healthcare all are great performers as well. The high yield bonds to avoid are telecommunications and retail shopping, as their returns can vary drastically.

Finsum: Junk bond yields are relatively high right now and less sensitive to Fed moves, high yield bonds are a potentially good alternative right now.

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Monday, 24 January 2022 09:38

A Fallen Angel Could be Your Bond Market Savior

If the treasury market isn’t upside down it’s certainly moving there. Yields are rising which means prices are falling. The worst part is with inflation picking up there is a lot of room to move in longer-term treasury bonds. So where should investors turn to? Fallen angel bonds and their associated funds. Fallen angels are investment-grade bonds that have been recently downgraded to junk status. The biggest benefactor is that these relatively riskier bonds have a way higher return but there is less interest rate pass-through. That means as the Fed begins to strangle the government bond market the lower-grade corporate bonds won’t feel much of the pain. Many of these corporations have relatively strong balance sheets and the risk is overblown, so profits can recover quickly.

FINSUM: The fallen angel fixed income ETF market has an incredible yield advantage, and there is so much fiscal and monetary support that the risk is probably smaller than the yields are saying.

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Wednesday, 10 November 2021 22:50

Bond Market Contagion is Spreading

Evergrande’s crisis has been all over the news in the last month, but it appears there is contagion in the high yield debt market. The bond market sell off, particularly from off-shore investors has spread to companies like Tencent and financial companies like Bank of Communication Hong Kong. This has pushed the ICE BofA Asian Dollar High Yield Corporate China Issuers Index to over 25%, which is the peak yield for the index since 2008. Sparking the yield climb is a combination of regulation, high leverage, and low liquidity. A bump in liquidity from the Chinese central bank has calmed domestic investors, but ultimately government policy will have to lighten up for yields to start to fall.

FINSUM: The endless regulation is spilling into the rest of the economy in China, and no amount of liquidity provisions will bring back outside investors. Rather, China needs to loosen the grip if they want to give companies a chance at refinancing their debt moving forward.

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Friday, 22 October 2021 17:47

The Only Place to Buy in the Bond Market

The overall bond market is almost a bust this year but investors flocking for a yield can only go to one place, junk bonds. Lending conditions are very loose with all the accommodations both fiscal and monetary policy made this year, and those attempting to stream any income have to learn to high-yield debt. Inflation is eating up anything to be gained in treasuries. Investors are now treating high yield debt like a more liquid asset than ever purely because traditional bonds are losing to inflation. All of the policy measures have made many feel corporate debt is less risky than ever but the excess demand may be tipping, as even some of the riskiest debt is being sought after. Still high nominal economic growth is good for borrowers and reduces to investors.

FINSUM: Investors should be aware of interest rates pass-through from Fed tightening to corporate debt, strong inflation could lead to weaker pass through and even lower spreads than the market is already seeing.

Published in Bonds: High Yield
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