Tuesday, 27 August 2019 11:41

JP Morgan Says it is Time to Buy Stocks

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(New York)

It has been a rough road for equities this month. Benchmarks are down 5% and there has been frequent whip-sawing action based on data and news over the trade war. Despite the fears, JP Morgan is telling investors that it is time to buy. The bank’s equity strategists, led by Mislav Matejka think that stocks are going to turn the corner very soon. The bank thinks three elements may catalyze a move higher into the year end—restarted ECB easing, a bigger than expected Fed rate cut, and improving technical indicators on signs the market has bottomed out.

FINSUM: The Fed and the ECB could certainly help support stocks, but it hard to imagine benchmarks gaining much if we keep up the frenzy of trade war news.

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