Tuesday, 05 March 2019 11:39

The Auto Sector’s Outlook is Bleak

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The auto sector has had a pretty wild ride since the Financial Crisis. The first half decade after the bailout was pretty strong for autos, with sales growing and high margin SUVs jumping in volume. However, the shift to SUVs and away from cars has grown so great that it is causing the industry some headaches. Further, self-driving cars are a new source of opportunity, but also anxiety. A new survey shows the car industry is likely to join energy and retail as the most embattled sectors this year. Sales are widely expected to fall across the industry, putting further stress on car companies.

FINSUM: In great industry-speak, the threats facing the industry are currently called the “Bermuda triable: unfavorable economic conditions, disruptive forces, and changing consumer preference”. We can’t help but agree.

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