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Amazon-Proof Retail Strategies

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The whole retail world is centered on Amazon right now. Will ecommerce, led by Amazon, continue to disrupt traditional retailers? That is the nauseatingly frequent question being fretted over by investors. Well, here are a group of Amazon-proof strategies that investors can use to pick retail stocks. The core of the argument is that retailers need to focus on the areas that Amazon is not good at offering. In particular: “experience; customer service; partnerships with influencers; and personalization”. Private label brands are another area, as companies like Target have launched in-house brands that are exclusive to their stores.

FINSUM: We believe in three of the areas mentioned, but in-house brands and customer service are not good strategies to outcompete Amazon in our mind. In-house brands just aren’t compelling enough (especially nascent ones), and we feel Amazon has better customer service (at least online) than almost anyone.

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