Thursday, 28 March 2019 12:38

The Best Outlook for Gold in Years

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(New York)

Tell us an investment that does well when inflation is rising AND when rates are falling? Most investments are sensitive to one or the other, but gold can benefit from both. Rising inflation (and rates) can lead to gold-buying as a hedge, helping prices, while falling rates make the metal’s zero yield look more attractive (and make it easier for overseas buyers). Yet, conditions in the middle of those two extremes—which have prevailed since the Crisis—are usually bearish for the metal, as it does not have a natural place in the portfolio in such conditions. That said, gold’s outlook is now the best it has been in years, as the economy is weakening and rates look likely to fall, weakening the Dollar and clearing the path for appreciation.

FINSUM: Gold is in the most interesting position we have seen for some time and we are inclined to think it might start to rise out the doldrums.

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