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OPEC is going to raise output by 1m barrels per day in a Saudi-led decision. But what will that mean for prices and oil-related companies? One might assume that higher output would be bad for prices, but in this instance, likely not. The reason why is that the high output is offsetting lost production from OPEC members like Venezuela and Iran. Libya is also experiencing lower production. All told, the three countries may combine for a 1.5mbd to 2.3mbd drop by the end of the year.

FINSUM: This hike is really just a partial offset to a much larger decline that is going on. It seems like it would be wise to stay bullish on prices.


Oil prices are currently falling. The reason is fear of a supply glut. After several months of coordinated output cuts between the world’s oil superpowers, OPEC and allies are considering boosting total oil output. There is some contention within the group as to how much to boost production, but increased supply looks highly likely when the cartel meets tomorrow in Vienna. The spark for losses was news that Iran, which had been a hard-line critic of higher output, said it would be willing to accept a modest rise.

FINSUM: Prices have risen because of falling output in Venezuela and fears of a total supply shortage. However, that can be wiped out with the stroke of a pen. We expect prices will moderate.


Oil has been doing absolutely wonderfully this year. The OPEC countries, in harmony with other big oil producers, have successfully worked together to undermine the competitiveness of the oil market and succeeded in boosting prices (okay, that was a little cynical, but true). Now, that dearth of supplies may be about to change, as OPEC is considering a boost of up to 600,000 bpd. There is considerable disagreement over the possible boost, with Iran wanting to maintain the status quo, and Russia wanting to raise it. Saudi Arabia also wants to boost supply, and the highest figure being pushed is an increase of 1.5 mbpd. Open meets on June 22nd.

FINSUM: This could have a considerable impact on the market. Investors in oil and oil-related equities be aware.

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