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It might be a great time to buy gold, or at least that is what one of the top gold funds on the street is saying. VanEck International Investors Gold fund, which has routinely outperformed peers, says Gold is finally likely to break out its narrow trading range. Gold suffered a terrible bear market from 2011 to 2015, and prices are low and there is little selling pressure. This, coupled with heightened geopolitical risk and inflation, mean that gold seems likely to find a catalyst for strong performance.

FINSUM: We do agree that prices are low and there is little selling pressure, but there have been plenty of other times there were geopolitical catalysts, so it is hard for us to get behind that notion.


Oil has come a long way over the last year, and light years from two years ago. Brent crude is now trading around $80. That has some worried that this big rally might be running out of steam. However, some say it is only in its 2nd or 3rd inning. With that in mind, Barron’s has put out 8 stocks to ride the boom. The big winners seem likely to be the refiners, says Morgan Stanley, who sees oil entering a “golden age”. Some stocks to look at include: Marathon, Phillips 66, Valero Energy, Thai Oil, Repsol SA and more.

FINSUM: Morgan Stanley has done some good analysis of the market, especially looking at future oil supply versus demand, and seems bullish on prices.


Oil prices have risen spectacularly over the last year, with Brent crude now trading above $80 per barrel. However, the question for investors is what to do about the rise. Have they already missed the gains? Additionally, oil has the complication of being difficult to invest in directly because of the cost of rolling over futures positions. Therefore, the best way to take a position in oil markets is through several ETFs. The tickers to look at span from those covering major oil companies to those more weighted towards E&P companies. Here are some of the funds: VDE, XLE, IXC, IYE, XOP, OIH, and USO.

FINSUM: We suspect that exploration and production companies will gain the most from recent price rises as their businesses will be most directly impacted by gains (just like they were most hurt in the downturn).

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