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Investors in oil need to be aware—the market is increasingly looking like a price surge is in store. Supply constraints are currently looming over the market, which has pushed prices to a 3.5 year high. Now, some are calling for a spike that would take oil to $150 or, almost double the level of now. The call comes from renowned research house Sanford Bernstein. The logic is that the oil price tumble over the last few years has caused “chronic underinvestment” in supply which will power the next “supercycle”. According to Bernstein, “Any shortfall in supply will result in a super-spike in prices, potentially much larger than the $150 a barrel spike witnessed in 2008”.

FINSUM: The view here seems sound. However, we must saw\y that there is one overarching logic that bothers us about this call—that the world has bountiful oil that has becoming ever cheaper to extract. That makes us think supply constraints could be overcome more quickly.

(New York)

Despite all the fears over a trade war, recession, and bear market, there has been relatively little media chatter surrounding gold. Gold is usually seen as a good hedge to political and market calamity, and while it has seen some gains, there isn’t the usual excitement that surrounds it. All of that may be good news, however, for stocks as the spread between gold and platinum suggests the equity bull market has more room to run, according to a pair of professors from Cornell and USC. The gold-platinum ratio reflects both industrial demand and investor anxiety, and when it is high, it tends to indicate that stocks will perform well.

FINSUM: There are a lot of factors that go into the price relationship between two commodities, so it is hard to draw a conclusion for a third asset class. That said, the logic underlying this argument seems sound.


The energy market has been doing well and some argue that the world is in the middle of an oil shock, or a condition where prices are very elevated because of a lack of supply. With that in mind, Goldman Sachs has published a piece choosing a couple stocks for investors to play the current oil market. The two stocks are Chevron and Canadian Natural Resources. Both have been laggards recently, but that helped them get the “Buy” rating from Goldman. The bank does not doubt Chevron’s ability to execute (unlike the market), and thinks that the announcement of some new projects will help propel the stock.

FINSUM: Hard to believe we could be in an oil shock when only recently it seemed we had an overwhelming glut.

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