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Actively managed exchange-traded funds are seeing an influx of interest as investors are concerned about the escalating market volatility. Active funds are touting their advantages of weathering volatility by making better day-to-day shifts at the portfolio level. One advantage active portfolio managers have is selecting areas where they can have an edge or avoiding places with the most volatility. For instance, tech stocks are down nearly 30% depending on which index you may be looking at. Volatility is expected to continue for the near term as the Fed is projecting another 75 bps hike in the upcoming meeting and a recession is hoving over the economy like a black cloud.

Finsum: Passive ETFs may be contributing to excess volatility according to breaking financial research; it makes sense investors would turn to active funds.

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Jenny Johnson, CEO of Franklin Templeton, said that while times are volatile that active management ‘really pays off’. FT is one of the largest asset managers with over $1.5 trillion under management and they are one of the largest active management firms. The firm has looked to acquire firms in what they label as a ‘bolt-on’ strategy to fill in the gaps in their offerings. Their acquisitions include Legg Mason and custom indexing provider O’Shaughnessy Asset Management. They are looking mostly into technology and alternative products to tie up loose ends. Johnson cited macro headwinds like Ukraine and the Fed’s hike as large macro factors generating volatility along with Covid spikes in developing countries, but their strategies are well suited to handle volatility.

Finsum: Active fixed income has a bigger advantage in high volatility than its equity counterparts, but still it could prove to be a picker’s market. 

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Most fixed income ETFs used to be linked to passive tracking products in the bond market, that is until more recently. Rules Adopted by the US SEC have steered many investors to active fixed income by making it easier to launch new active ETFs. Active funds are attractive for ETF producers because they draw higher fees (about .2 percent) than active funds. This has led to an explosion in active fixed income. Active bond fund creation is growing at nearly double the rate of the rest of the ETF market, and investors are ready as well as 2021 saw a record pace of inflows. One big factor in shifting more investors into active fixed income is aging global demographics which are still searching for yield and income.

Finsum: The world’s aging population is creating a safe asset shortage and pushing bond prices higher.

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Wednesday, 16 March 2022 20:00

Why You should Be Interested in Active Bond Funds

2021 was a comeback year for active fixed Exchange Traded Funds. Driving this home was a huge set of inflows as they saw a tenth of inflows globally, many of these came from the US. That trend isn’t stopping as nearly 80% of investors are searching to expand that position in 2022. Many investors see active funds having an edge with global turmoil increasing, as Russia-Ukraine escalates, and there are many macro risks domestically. Additionally, investors are clamoring to buy more ESG ETFs in 2022 as this trend shows no signs of falling off.

Finsum: Markets were messy and pretty hard to predict in the aughts, but active management seems to have a leg up in picking tech growth as well as fixed income winners.

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Monday, 07 March 2022 19:08

Big Active Fixed Income Launches

2021 was an all-time year for active fixed income launches, and 2022 is looking to continue that pace. Capital Group just debuted another active fixed income ETF to capitalize on this financial trend. The Capital Group Core Plus Income ETF (CGCP) will seek a higher income return for a traditional bond fund and really seek to maximize total return. With a wide swath of debt available in their targets, they can invest over a third in below investment grade securities. This launch comes amid 5 other active equity fund launches for Capital Group. Overall investors are looking for more alpha return in their portfolios and are looking to active management to find it.

Finsum: Macro factors are pushing more investors into active bond funds, with increased interest and inflation risk core analysis is more effective than ever in fixed income.

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