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The fix is in

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It seems there’s not much, um, fixed, about fixed income. That’s because, pre tell, in the second half of the year, conditions there likely will be choppy, according to

Ongoing tightening by central banks in the developed markets is pushing up short term yields, while long term yields are feeling the weight of slower growth and a pull back in inflation seemingly on the horizon later this year.

Meantime, the fixed income allocation strategy experienced scant changes in sector allocations coming into the month.

Now, want to talk about a calorie burner? Presenting active, active and more of it.

As in, as if you had to ask, active management.

"Everywhere we turn, we are hearing that a new dawn is upon us, and it is once again the time for active management. Many would be surprised that I totally agree, said Jason Xavier, head of EMEA ETF Capital Markets at Franklin Templeton, according to

It could be argued – as outlined in his predictions for the year – that the decade of “cheap” money and unprecedented low interest rates are a thing of the past and that those with the chops to work the volatile markets will reap the benefits.

That said, the picture on the horizon boasts considerably more potential; in other words, the dawn of active fixed income in the exchange traded fund or ETF vehicle. Clinging to the assumption that ETFs are a passive vehicle – and passive vehicles only – is a myth, he continued.

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