Monday, 07 March 2022 19:07

REITs are an All-Time Buy Right Now!

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Financial markets are extremely volatile as of late and that's putting it lightly, but REITs might be perfectly insulated at this moment and a great option. One of the largest sources of volatility is Russia and Ukraine but real estate is a local business and a solid option for those looking to alternatives. Another source of market risk is inflation however, real estate generally benefits from inflation. House prices outpace it and fixed-rate financing means debtors pay back less over time. Real estate also has leased on a long-term basis and insulted to most short-term shocks, and is a safe haven from typical equity volatility. Finally, if more turmoil suppresses interest rates then this will increase demand for real estate moving forward.

Finsum: We see the huge outperformance potential for real estate because of how uncorrelated the rate of return is with the rest of the markets right now.

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