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Friday, 16 March 2018 11:26

Mueller Just Subpoenaed Trump


Special counsel Robert Mueller may very well have just crossed one of Trump’s red lines in his investigation into the White House’s connections to Russia. Mueller has just subpoenaed the Trump organization. The Trump organization has been voluntarily giving the special counsel documents to assist with its investigation, but now faces an official subpoena. The tactic mirrors the approach used by Mueller during his investigation into the White House itself. The story of the subpoena was first issued by the New York Times.

FINSUM: It will be interesting to see how sharply, if at all, Trump reacts to this move. Is this the action that moves him to try to end the investigation?

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Monday, 12 March 2018 10:26

Mueller May Delay Trump Charge


The word is that Robert Mueller’s probe into a possible obstruction of justice charge against President Trump is almost concluded, but that he is thinking to delay filing to charge to allow him to wrap up other facets of the investigation. The reason why is that the Mueller team reportedly thinks filing the charges would make it harder to finish the rest of the investigation because of an increasing lack of cooperativeness on the part of witnesses, in addition to Trump likely moving to shut the investigation down.

FINSUM: If Mueller actually filed charges against Trump it would be a monumental political bombshell. Mueller is sharp enough to not try to do that half-cocked.

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Friday, 02 March 2018 10:50

Is a New Cold War Starting?


US-Russia relations, already on the rocks, took a definitive turn for the worse yesterday. Using the Russian version of the state of the union address as a platform, Russian leader Vladimir Putin decided to use his speech to warn the US and the West to listen to Russia as it has bolstered its nuclear capabilities. In a nearly two-hour speech, Putin said “Efforts to contain Russia have failed, face it”. Putin highlighted new nuclear capabilities, such as cruise missiles with unlimited range. The speech was accompanied by videos of the weapon systems.

FINSUM: The rumor is that Putin did this more for internal political purposes than to actually antagonize the West. Hopefully that is the case.

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Thursday, 15 February 2018 10:36

Trump Probe: Kushner Investors Being Subpoenaed


There have been relatively few updates on the Trump probe in recent weeks. Ever since the debate over whether Trump should let Mueller interview him calmed down, there has been little news. Now, reports are coming out that a group of investors in the Kushner family business—the family of Trump’s son-in-law—have been subpoenaed by the IRS and the Department of Justice. However, at this point, reports say the subpoenas are unrelated to the more broad probe into the White House’s connection to Russia.

FINSUM: Hard to see what is really going on here, but suffice it to say that the overall probe is deepening.

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018 11:15

US Kills 100+ Russian Troops


We don’t run a whole lot of news on the geopolitical and military fronts, but we think we found a story today that everyone needs to be wary of. Bloomberg reports, along with confirmations from the US military, that US troops engaged and killed around 100 Russian soldiers, injuring 200 to 300 hundred. The soldiers were reportedly mercenaries fighting for the Assad regime in Syria who attacked a US held refinery/base. Russia says it had nothing to do with the attack and that it would not engage US forces.

FINSUM: This seems like it could spark a very tense geopolitical situation, but luckily it looks like Russia distanced itself very quickly and is not seeking any confrontation.

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