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Monday, 06 January 2020 11:24

Time to Get Aboard the Amazon Rocket Ship


Yes, Amazon looks expensive and has seen massive gains in recent years. This makes many fearful of the stock. But the reality is that the stock is a free cash flow rocket ship that is going to keep surging higher, according to 47 of the 49 Wall Street analysts who cover it. Amazon trades for 69x 2020 earnings, but it still looks pretty inexpensive on a free cash flow basis. The company’s past growth initiatives are now paying off, which means Amazon is throwing off free cash flow in a big way.

FINSUM: Amazon has averaged a 35% gain per year since it went public. We don’t see any big reasons why it cannot continue this year.

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Thursday, 02 May 2019 13:40

Why Uber and Lyft are Doomed for Big Losses

(New York)

There has been a lot of anger (and even legal action) about the big declines Lyft has seen since its IPO. The questions around publicly traded companies worth tens of billions of Dollars with annual losses of billions of Dollars are only growing more intense as Uber readies for its IPO. The big question is what investors should do about the stocks—stay away or buy in? TrimTabs Asset Management has some very salient thoughts on the issue. TrimTabs specializes in free cash flow oriented products and lent their expertise to this question. They conducted an in-depth study of how post-IPO companies with negative free cash flow, and negatively trending free cash flow, perform versus those with positive FCF. The results were stark, and in all instances showed major outperformance of FCF positive companies. For instance, over a 12-month horizon following IPO, $1 bn+ companies with positive FCF outperformed those with negative FCF by almost 16%, with the latter averaging losses of 6.41%.

FINSUM: This analysis from TrimTabs could not be more timely or insightful. We think it might be smart to stay away from Uber and Lyft until they at least have a clear path to profitability.

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(New York)

Advisors tend to really like dividend stocks, and it makes sense why: clients need good income as they head into retirement. However, this desire leads some (especially retail investors) to overreach, choosing high paying, but ultimately fragile or unsustainable stocks. Right now is a good time to be looking for quality dividend payers, as their valuations relative to the market are the lowest in about 20 years. Some high quality names to look at include Macy’s (6.2%), General Motors (4.1%), Kellogg (4.1%), and Verizon (4.2%).

FINSUM: One of the best ways to judge the quality of dividend stocks is through focusing on free cash flow as that measure shows whether companies can really afford what they are paying out without hurting their underlying business.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2019 12:29

The Best Way to Get Quality in Your Portfolio

(New York)

As part of our ongoing coverage of the best funds we found and met with at the recent Inside ETFs conference, we want to today suggest our readers take a look at TTAC, TrimTabs Asset Management’s US-focused quality ETF. The fund is predicated on providing investors with the highest quality stocks. In order to do so, TrimTabs focuses on free cash flow, strong balance sheets, and reducing share count. Free cash flow is a particularly important component as it is one of the hardest for companies to doctor, meaning it is a reliable indicator of quality. In order to implement this strategy, the fund uses a quantitative rules-based approach with human overlays that allow for flexibility in terms of sectors, industries, and market caps. TTAC seeks to outperform the Russell 3000 by holding the 100 companies in the index which best embody its investment criteria. The fund has about $125m in AUM and has an expense ratio of 0.59%.

FINSUM: We were very impressed by the folks at TrimTabs. Not only does the CIO, Theodore (Ted) Theodore have the best name in the business, but their enduring passion for their strategy was compelling. We feel this fund has a smart approach and is very competently managed. Definitely worth a look.

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Wednesday, 18 April 2018 08:01

Why Tech is Still the Top Sector

(San Francisco)

Where should investors put their money in the stock market? That has been a very tough question lately, as everyone’s favorite darling, tech, has had a rough several weeks, and the outlook still seems dicey. However, Credit Suisse says that despite its woes, tech is still the best sector to be in at the moment. The reason why? Fundamentals. Tech has great underlying business momentum, with strong revenue, great growth, and strong free-cash-flow valuations.

FINSUM: We think regulation of tech is still some distance away, which mean it should have a good medium term runway to keep outperforming. All of that means the lower valuations right now could prove a good opportunity.

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