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Monday, 05 November 2018 10:29

It’s Time to Buy Amazon


Amazon has been hit hard lately. The company’s surprise earnings caught the market off guard, which led to a big tumble in the shares, with the stock dropping over 10%. However, that presents a good buying opportunity, says Barron’s. The market was nervous because of the slowdown in revenue growth, but according to one analyst “We believe revenue growth is becoming a less relevant metric for Amazon given the outsize growth of the company’s cloud and advertising businesses”.

FINSUM: Amazon is still a fast growing business, but it is becoming more mature, which means expanding margins are going to be a key metric to watch. That is an area the company is excelling in.

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Tuesday, 30 October 2018 12:47

EU Growth Slows to Worst in 4 Years


In what could be a sign of a looming recession in Western countries, the EU just released its worst GDP figures in four years. The third quarter produced just 1.7% growth across the EU, the worst number in four years. The pace slowed from the second quarter, when growth was at 2.2%. Oxford Economics commented on the numbers that “‘temporary factors’ have been overplayed to justify the slowdown in the eurozone economy at the start of the year, and that risks are clearly skewed to the downside.” Notably, Italy produced no GDP growth in the third quarter.

FINSUM: We wonder if this is a case of the EU suffering its own problems, or whether it may be systemic and spreading.

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Monday, 29 October 2018 13:13

Growth Has Peaked and a Recession Looms

(New York)

“We think U.S. growth may have just peaked”, says the chief US economist for Barclays Capital. The US is coming off a strong GDP report, but the reality is that growth fell from 4.2% in the third quarter to 3.5% in third quarter. Most economists say that will slow to 2.5% in the first quarter of 2019, and 2.3% one year from now. In other words, the economy has already seen “as good as it gets” and we are past-peak. Most expect consumer spending and business investment to stall as the benefits of the tax cuts wane, weighing on the economy.

FINSUM: It is hard to imagine the economy getting better than it has been this year. Furthermore, we have a hard time believing it is going to slow down as gradually as the forecasts. We think a more abrupt recession is probably more likely.

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Friday, 26 October 2018 12:10

The Best Ways to Play a Value Stock Revival

(New York)

Value investing has been dead for a long time. So long in fact that many of its strongest disciples are even starting to wonder if it will ever return. Well, something interesting has happened this month. The broader market was down 8.9%, but the S&P Value Index only fell 5%, showing that value stocks have actually been outperforming the market during the recent turmoil. BlackRock is sticking to value stocks, with the head of factor-based investment strategy commenting that “We find the economic rationale still holds … We’re comforted by 90 years of long-run data, where value time and time again outperforms growth”. One of the issues for investors is that there is no clear way to define value, as each index uses its own metrics.

FINSUM: Value stocks do seem interesting right now, as this is the kind of environment where they would thrive. But do you determine value based on price to book, P/E ratio, returns, or something else?

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Wednesday, 26 September 2018 10:40

Value Stocks May Finally Catch Up

(New York)

Value stocks have been hurting for years. They have lagged growth stocks considerably over the last decade, and have been underperforming growth stocks for so long that even some ardent value fans say the shares might never rebound. However, an increasing group of analysts are saying that value is set to stage a big comeback versus growth. Some indicators show that a reversal of growth stocks is imminent, and P/E ratios are running so high that value looks likely to appreciate. Morgan Stanley analyst Michael Wilson thinks that the current rotating bear market will end with growth and small caps sinking.

FINSUM: We don’t see much of a catalyst for growth stocks sinking while value stocks rise. Further, if stocks fall, they could all fall in unison without value seeing any outperformance.

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