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Financial advisors often move like a Nolan Ryan fastball

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You can, um, bank on it; as sure as taxes and a Nolan Ryan fastball – at least back in the day – for a panacea of reasons, financial advisors regularly switch firms, according to visionretirement.com.

You know; as in now you see ‘em, now, well, not exactly. Good. You get it. Let’s face it: maybe they receive more cash or chances to move their careers forward elsewhere. Whatever the case. you name it, and a bolt of lightning later, they’re out like the wind.

Of course, like many other professions, exactly when they decide to cut the cord isn’t necessarily based on when, according to financial-planning.com. There’s no idyllic time.

Naturally, it helps to have a robust relationship with clients. That way, an advisor can move on to greener pastures no matter how the market’s performing. Maybe he or she wants to upgrade their technology and a broader menu of products. On the other hand, perhaps they’re intent on leveraging on the expansion of their practice or set themselves up to call it a career.

Meantime, clients might be caught off guard when their advisors pull up stakes, noted visionretirement.com. But, hey, there’s always this: a client can maintain a relationship with an advisor or nip it in the old bud or sniff out other options.  Call it an Amazon shopping spree. Or not!



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