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The old balancing act

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The old balancing act. You know; the one where retirees seek a balance between gaining a foothold on sufficient income and hanging on to wealth.

Oh yeah. That one. Look out below, because it can be precarious, according to

Well, consider this tactic: an allocation to cash like, short direction, high quality bond ETFs, supplanting part of the usual aggregate bond fund allocation.

In light of a jump in interest rates, the inclination is for a sag in bond prices, putting a dent in the value of bond funds. That’s when short duration, high quality bond ETFs can provide a buffer.

On the other hand, investors, regardless of age and stages of life, are right for ETFs – and especially so for retirees on the precipice of retirement, according to

Within the financial cycle, The Money Sense ETF list is right for all ages and stages, retirees can safely contemplate a solid subset of picks. A panel of seven ETF experts selects the list. The panel didn’t per se formally designate any of its picks as “retirement friendly,”

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