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Hey, Skip: you talk too much

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Loose lips can, um, wreak havoc on ships.

In your branch, most advisors shouldn’t know squat about your plans; after all, they’re not buddies of yours, but competitors, according to

If you’re cutting the cord and bidding a non protocol firm adieu, it’s important for you to buckle down and closely abide by the prospective firm’s instructions.

In the world of missteps, a gaggle them can add significant difficulty to your transition:

Failing to Play by the Rules

Being Clueless About the Transfer Process

Taking Your Eye Off the Ball

Not Staying in Front of Clients Prior to Your Move

Meantime, you know the money? Well, follow it.

Probably not a badly conceived plan considering the consolidation on the part of Phoenix based Advisor’s Group of its network of eight brokerages into one translates into challenges, according to Those obstacles stem from the flow of thousands of financial advisors and assets work billions of dollars.

With more than 10,500 financial advisors and $490 billion in client assets, the firm will shift them to a rebranded company with a spanking new moniker, according to a report earlier this month by Moody's Investors Service.


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