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Up and up she goes: acquiescing asset management to third party strategists

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The financial industry’s not just casually tweaking its monthly expense reports and wolfing down popcorn, watching as things unfold, you know.

On contraire. As it sachets toward holistic wealth management and “goal based” planning, the industry recognizes the importance of acquiescing asset management to third party strategists has mounted, according to

Meantime, the need to accomplish that mission is spiraling. While advisors within larger firms already can access model portfolios, now, additional options are available to their counterparts.

And, hey, model portfolios tout more than a few advantages.

For example, there’s ease of use. “Model portfolios can be used as a complete solution for investors that prefer a hands-off approach to achieving their investing objectives,” said Colby McFadden, CEO of Quiver Financial, an Investment Advisory Firm in San Clemente California, according to

Another: diversification. The need for a thick wad of money to pluck down on multiple asset classes? No need, said Mark Kennedy, president of Kennedy Wealth Management in Calabasas, Calf. Some can have a minimum as low as $10,000 to start.”


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