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Tuesday, 24 May 2022 09:20

BNY Develops Model Portfolios for UBS

BNY Mellon is one of the biggest asset managers with $2.3 trillion in AUM, and they are expanding their offerings by building model portfolios designed for the UBS Wealth Management USA clients. They will be particularly designed to deliver more reliable results during business cycles and geared toward meeting income-generation goals with clients. The range of portfolios will come in three different income varieties: stable, strategic,  and a growth hybrid. They view this as a natural evolution of their business at BNY and they are well suited to deliver models to UBS to meet income goals.

Finsum: More investors are looking for income products and models are rapidly trying to adapt to this demand.

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Model portfolios are a great tool to increase flexibility, growth, and optimization, and Principal is launching almost 40 new products in response to demand. Jill Brown, director of their U.S. Wealth Platform says they will give solutions that are easy to manage and deliver results to clients. These portfolios will leverage the full power of their fintech platform to help advisors hit their goals. The end products will include mutual funds and ETFs and will allow clients to personalize their portfolios with different risk-based suites. Capital appreciation will be the main goal of the three of the core suites, while total returns will be the main goal of the last suite.

Finsum: Third-party model portfolios give tailored solutions, and make customization easier than ever.

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Friday, 29 April 2022 12:46

The Problem With Income Model Portfolios

You know what sounds nice, consistent diversified income with little risk, but the problem is finding those solutions is difficult if not impossible. Model portfolios have popped up in the last decade to tackle this very problem, but there aren’t great options with diversity. One of the biggest reasons is treasury yields are still drastically lower than in the pre-financial crisis era. Nonetheless, there are pretty consistent income options, but they are riskier than ever because regardless of the model equities, high-yield debt, and emerging market debt are all more correlated than they have been in decades which means these funds fail to diversify. The GFC and the covid pandemic put a focus on macro fundamentals that the Greenspan-put eliminated.

Finsum: Income models can come with their risks, particularly as markets are getting more volatile.

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Monday, 04 April 2022 20:43

LPL Adds to Wealth Models

It was only eight months ago that LPL was beginning a pilot program where they would test separately managed accounts, but now they are jumping in full force by allowing investors SMA strats in their Model Wealth Portfolios platform. This platform has grown to $83 billion in assets in recent years. These models will range in variety and flavor as well with some being developed by LPL while others will be from third-party managers. This strategy helps LPL give institutional-type options to everyday investors with lower fees.

Finsum: Models are moving from a buzzword to an important option for advisors.

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Thursday, 31 March 2022 19:37

New Disruptive Tech Model Portfolios

Global X ETFs is launching a new model portfolio concentrating its theme on tech disruption and other global structural changes. The models were developed by CIO Jon Maier at Global X and hope to capture the disruptive growth that many tech companies have benefited from in the last two decades. This comes as part of a larger trend in Global X and other US-based ETF companies to capture the Euro area markets. The Euro area has been dominated by low return high fee funds and has been a ripe market for higher returning lower fee ETFs. These thematic funds can capture areas of the economy that are poised for rapid growth.

Finsum: Rising interest rates could make it tough on growth funds over the next 3-5 years.

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