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Model portfolios built to generate an expected return. Risk, too? Yep

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Made up of a diversified group of assets built to generate an expected return, model portfolios also come with risk, according to

With your financial goals squarely in the cross hairs, a host of portfolios typically are offered by financial advisors or investment managers. With these portfolios, investors can leverage simple and effective investment methods under minimal management, the site continued. 

Certainly, it seems, the popularity of model portfolios is hardly lukewarm. Within the landscape of the financial product distribution landscape, among advisors, their burgeoning use carries formidable power, according to

These portfolios, over time, are automatically rebalanced based on evolving market conditions or client needs. According to MMI, these models always have been a linchpin of the $6.5 trillion advisory solutions industry. Most prominently, they’ve played a big role in packaged mutual fund advisory programs, the site stated. That’s where discretionary investment management is outsourced by an advisor to an internal investment committee/research team at a distributor.

Creating the portfolio evolves around a plethora of decisions, according to

Through diversification, a model portfolio positions you to hedge your risks.  

In an ideal world, the brains behind the portfolios are financial advisors. Their role’s to oversee the portfolios daily, allowing you, the customer, to be hands off.

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