Tuesday, 30 October 2018 12:52

Morgan Stanley Says Another Rout is Coming

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(New York)

Is there gain ahead or pain ahead? That is the question on every investors’ mind. Well, Morgan Stanley has an answer. The bank’s chief US equity strategist, Michael Wilson, says that the answer is more pain. The bank thinks we are in a “rolling bear market” and that stocks will reach bear status soon. “We think we get there in four to eight weeks”, says Wilson. The bank defines a bear market as a drop of 20% or more with no recovery for 12 months. “Risk-reward remains unattractive for us”, he added.

FINSUM: Morgan Stanley thinks a lot of these losses come down to the change in central bank policy. We agree with that but we also think investors are just anxious about what lays ahead in terms of a possible recession, trade war, and beyond.

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