Wednesday, 10 October 2018 11:02

The Stock to Defy Trade Wars and Rates

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(New York)

Most investors are worried about the potential impact of the trade war, not to mention rising rates and yields. However, there is one stock that should shine through all of it—Weight Watchers (not what you were expecting, right? Us either). The company, now called WW, seems poised to gain. As one financial reporter puts it “This is a subscription-heavy company relying on decent employment rates, a country in need of wellness advice, and a charismatic spokesperson (Oprah!) trading at a below-growth multiple”. The company is looking to improve its revenue by a quarter by 2020 to $2 bn, 80% of which is subscription-based.

FINSUM: There does not seem to be any reason that WW would be at the mercy of many of the forces hurting markets right now. It could be a good bet.

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