Wednesday, 05 May 2021 06:38

Warren Buffett’s ESG Snub Could be Costly

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Warren Buffett is aged and venerated, which gives him some significant latitude in what he wants to invest in and not. No one in the investment community seems to have a problem with Buffett avoiding Bitcoin or meme stocks, but something Berkshire Hathaway did last week might cost them. The company blocked two shareholder resolutions requesting that its holding companies disclose ESG data on climate change and workplace inclusion. That is causing some on Wall Street to draw a line. For instance, both BlackRock and CalPERS, as well as Federated, all voted against Buffett. Buffett and other director shareholders were able to stop the measures because of their voting power.

FINSUM: This vote gets narrower every year and it is a good lens through which one can view the steady and seemingly unstoppable rise of ESG.

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