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The Flattening Yield Curve Spells Doom

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The flattening yield curve is an indicator of a recession and bear market to come. The last six US recessions have all been preceded by an inverted yield curve. Now it is happening again. The gap between two- and ten-year Treasuries was just 34 basis points last week, the lowest since 2007, or the eve of the worst American recession in almost 80 years. A few factors seem to be guiding the flattening. The first is the Fed’s bullish outlook on the economy and hawkishness on rates. The others are very weak inflation expectations over the long term as well as large demand for even modest long end yields, both of which have combined to keep ten-years pinned for some time now.

FINSUM: Yes a flattening yield curve is a bad sign, but remember that it takes, on average, several months (i.e. ~18 months) from when the yield curve inverts to when the economy actually goes into recession, with stocks historically continuing to rise along the way.

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