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(New York)

Investors beware, the market might be losing its nerve. Back and forth markets for most of this year appear to be making investors very wary, as the market is fleeing to cash. Investor holdings in “cash sanctuaries”, which include money market funds, are approaching 2%, the highest level seen in a decade. According to one prominent asset manager “Cash is an asset class once again”. According to Crane’s, “Money funds were on a starvation diet with yields at zero percent … Rate increases have given them a stay of execution”.

FINSUM: Aside from volatility, the other big driver is that yields on money market funds have risen considerable alongside the Fed hikes, making them much more attractive.

(New York)

JP Morgan has just put out a guide which may be very interesting to investors—a manual for how to navigate the end of easy money. The bank thinks the equity market’s response to earnings has been very worrisome lately, and they are very bearish. The bank recommends that in 2019, investors go underweight equities and long gold and long duration as the economic cycle ends and real rates “collapse”.

FINSUM: This is an extraordinarily bearish outlook from JP Morgan, and it seems mostly dictated by weakness in equity prices lately. Investors should take this warning seriously.

(New York)

Yields on the ten-year Treasury note crossed the 3% threshold this week and seem set to stay there for some time, sparking a big change in bond markets. Bloomberg argues that yields at this level change everything for all asset classes. The reason why is that a jump in yields to above 3% starts to cause a shake out amongst highly indebted companies, boosts the Dollar, and in turn, makes emerging markets less attractive.

FINSUM: To be honest, our biggest concern was not even discussed by Bloomberg, which is how higher yields affect the arithmetic for whether to put money in richly valued stocks, or into bonds that are starting to offer acceptable returns. 3%+ yields really could put an end to this bull market.

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