Monday, 13 June 2022 11:18

ESG Bubble Could Pop Says Insiders

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Environmental, social, and governance investing has morphed into a behemoth says, industry insiders, and is so far from its roots that a course correction is needed. Experts and pioneers in the field are disappointed by the amount of greenwashing and fudging in order to meet regulatory standards. ESG has ballooned to approximately $40 trillion and most of the gains have come in the last year. Those in the field want better oversight from the government or non-profit third parties rather than those incentivized to be more lenient. Original ESG was created to mitigate environmental risk and incentivize better behavior, but it’s so over bloated and bound to burst. If regulators in the Biden admin step up like they are signaling it could mean catastrophe for ESG investing.

Finsum: More stable guidelines to remove greenwashers are a must, but it will come at a cost.

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