Thursday, 29 November 2018 13:12

A Second Brexit Referendum Looms

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Pretty much since the day it happened, the prospect of a second Brexit referendum has loomed large. Now, almost 2.5 years since the initial vote, it is becoming closer to reality. PM May’s universally panned Brexit deal with the EU is adding weight to efforts to hold another vote. A conservative MP (same party as Theresa May) has proposed a new vote in May, saying it would only take 22 weeks to prepare. The vote would have three options—stay in the EU, accept the May plan, or leave without a deal.

FINSUM: Critics of a second referendum argue that it is undemocratic to not abide the first vote. However, the action of leaving the EU is unprecedented, and the deal that Britain could get from the EU was completely unknown, so in our view, holding second referendum to decide on the actual terms is actually the most democratic option.

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