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Friday, 12 November 2021 14:30

A New Player in Fintech Software

MetaCap has acquired a MCAP technology company in an equity exclusive transaction. MCAP is a fintech software development company that hosts a suite of software and e-market making services that offer liquidity solutions to institutional investors. Metacap sees the acquisition as part of their growth in client facing businesses and sector expansion. They can leverage the new acquisition by expanding what they can offer customers and grow their clientele. Revenue and EBITA growth has been a key point of success for MTEC and that as a one two punch they can be even stronger with the merger moving forward.

FINSUM: This is yet another dip into digital portfolio construction via buyout or merger, and a sign of how quickly fintech is moving the frontier in the financial industry.

Wednesday, 10 November 2021 22:50

Bond Market Contagion is Spreading

Evergrande’s crisis has been all over the news in the last month, but it appears there is contagion in the high yield debt market. The bond market sell off, particularly from off-shore investors has spread to companies like Tencent and financial companies like Bank of Communication Hong Kong. This has pushed the ICE BofA Asian Dollar High Yield Corporate China Issuers Index to over 25%, which is the peak yield for the index since 2008. Sparking the yield climb is a combination of regulation, high leverage, and low liquidity. A bump in liquidity from the Chinese central bank has calmed domestic investors, but ultimately government policy will have to lighten up for yields to start to fall.

FINSUM: The endless regulation is spilling into the rest of the economy in China, and no amount of liquidity provisions will bring back outside investors. Rather, China needs to loosen the grip if they want to give companies a chance at refinancing their debt moving forward.

Wednesday, 10 November 2021 22:48

Envestnet is Going Big on Direct Indexing

Envestnet’s CEO told investors that it oversees $49 billion in direct investing assets and that they see this number going higher in the future. Direct investing is a part of a growth area for the company along with other personalized portfolios, tax overlays, and ESG and impact investing. Direct indexing allows investors to hold the underlying assets and then add or drop stocks for offsetting tax purposes or to hit other financial objectives. Other giants in the financial industry such as Vanguard and Franklin Templeton have acquired direct indexing portfolios and many firms are ramping up competition in this space.

FINSUM: Direct investing makes a lot of sense over traditional hard indexing because of the customization and tailoring to your financial needs, but it does usually come at the cost of higher fees.

Wednesday, 10 November 2021 22:40

The Answer to ESG Greenwashing

ESG investing is all the rage, but it has its limitations. Passive funds prevent real change by creating a stagnant environment that doesn’t encourage change, just look at how much C02 has increased despite all of the ESG inflows, or greenwashing where companies appear to be more environmentally servicing than they necessarily are. Active ESG investing (AESG) could be a game changer because it can rely on qualitative analysis and trends of a company to select them in an ESG fund rather than a gameable statistic. Additionally, active funds can have a bigger impact on diversity in board selection because it can have real corporate accountability rather than once again hitting a target statistic. Active funds can also put together better incentive structures to bring more companies into the ESG fold.

FINSUM: AESG funds is the logical evolution of standard ESG by merging two booming subsectors, and this is the time for active fund outperformance given ultralow yields.

Friday, 12 November 2021 15:47

What is Scientific Fixed Income Investing?

Science and technology have only recently begun to disrupt the active fixed income asset management industry. Does scientific fixed income investing represent the industry’s next frontier? Learn more

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