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Wednesday, 20 October 2021 20:34

Annuities are the Future of Your 401k

Retirement is a rising concern for many Americans, and that concern is only amplifying with one of the largest retirement populations—social security—being funded by a much smaller cohort of funders. About half of the population is concerned they will out-live their savings, and that’s justified given average life expectancy is almost 20 years longer than retirement. However, the 2019 Secure Act is opening new doors in retirement investing, annuities, by relieving employers legal liability for annuities. Rather than the typical safe assets like bonds that slowly integrate into the portfolio as one nears retirement, companies like BlackRock will also fund annuities. They aim to allocate 10% of your funds by the age 55 and take that share to nearly 1/3rd by retirement age. These annuities typically come with a fixed rate of return on the principle and these integrated 401k plans will become available starting in 2022.

FINSUM: Annuities can definitely bridge the gap for those skeptical that social security will fill their cup, but they still come with plenty of risk despite the ‘guaranteed’ income many might expect.

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Monday, 04 October 2021 14:54

The Best Retirement Income Strategies

(New York)

Most advisors know and respect Wade Pfau, a retirement guru in our space. Well Wade has just offered a new take on annuities as part of a broader conversation on retirement income strategies. According to Pfau, “Annuities deserve an equal seat at the table with any other retirement income strategy … The whole idea that annuities mean giving up something is not true”. Pfau says that understanding a client’s retirement income preferences is key. For example, the total return approach is not for everyone, and the peace of mind of guaranteed income can be a big winner for certain clients.

FINSUM: Pfau’s one-size-does-not-fit-all view is a very apt one and it highlights how annuities could be the bedrock of a strategy for one client, and completely absent for another, with the majority being somewhere in between.

Published in Wealth Management

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