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Tuesday, 11 January 2022 21:28

Wells Fargo Ups the Ante on Hiring Measures

Wells Fargo sent out a thank you note to external recruiters for their work and efforts in locking in lots of senior hires in 2021. Well’s is going to continue and extend many of the measures it implemented in 2021 into 2022 such as hiring offers for brokers and higher referral fees for outside recruiters. Wells saw their recruiting and retention drop after their scandal in 2016 and it’s been a continuing effort to get back to par with hires. In addition to all the sweetened deals surrounding recruiting there are also measures such as pay cuts if managers lose brokers or don’t hit sufficient hiring statistics. Well’s decision to close their international business has also been a major contributor to their inability to gain transactions in recruiting efforts.

Finsum: Wells used to stand out for their Broker compensation, however competitors are stepping up, and Wells no longer stands out.

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Tuesday, 28 December 2021 22:12

The Biggest Advisor Transitions this Year

There were lots of large transitions in the financial advisor community this year, but these were some of the biggest splashes in 2021. In August Dane Runia, transitioned his $3.2 billion dollar team from Merrill Lynch to Morgan Stanley. This wasn’t the only transition from Merrill this year as just a couple of months prior RBC moved in one of Merrill’s teams that were in control of over $2 billion. However, it was Merrill Lynch’s April deal with the biggest tagline of the year snagging an advisor of $17 billion from Citi Private Bank. Wells Fargo has been desperately kicking its recruiting into high gear as they lost $7 billion after they stopped serving international wealth management clients. Finally, UBS made a splash as they stole $10.5 billion teams from J.P.Morgan.

FINSUM: These were some of the most high-profile deals this year, but 2022 could be just as wild in the advisor transitioning world.

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Monday, 30 August 2021 17:50

Make Your Move with Confidence

Going independent is one of the biggest decisions an advisor will ever make. Moving from being an employee to running your own business is a huge decision. Even simply changing firms once already independent is a major one. There are a thousand considerations beyond just the obvious—branding, client retention, compensation—and advisors need incredible support when making these decisions and even well past the initial integration with a new firm.

Momentum Independent Network focuses on helping advisors with a seamless move. Instead of focusing on “transition”, momentum makes it a smooth evolution, taking a lot of the anxiety out of switching firms. We provide custom tailored support, personalized marketing consultation, business development road-mapping, and full supervision and compliance, among many other included services, such as insurance. Momentum also provides firm-specific platform and technology training so that your team can be up-to-speed in no time.

Your clients will feel how simple the transition is as well, with Momentum offering a seamless and compliant client paperwork process. And because Momentum is affiliated with HilltopSecurities—a leading municipal investment bank and one of the nation’s largest clearing firms*—your clients will benefit from superior execution, market research and insights, and a robust trading platform.

Gain an edge by speaking with Momentum Independent Network today

*As of Aug. 17, 2019. Based on number of broker-dealer clients. Investment News.

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There is a very large, but little-discussed issue when going independent. When you move from being an employee advisor to an independent, your health insurance situation can be difficult. Not only is there the issue of keeping your health insurance intact immediately following your departure, but you also need to establish a significant health insurance plan with an insurer that can support your current and future employees. So it is good news to hear that the Financial Services Institute has launched a new program aimed at helping advisors with this transition. Not only will the FSI help with transitioning, but they can also provide cost savings.

FINSUM: This seems like a very good idea. This is an issue for everyone transitioning to owning a small business, not just advisors. Learn more here

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(New York)

2020 was a rollercoaster of a year and not just in financial markets. It was quite a wild year in recruiting as well. When the pandemic hit, advisor movement dropped off to a trickle, but in the summer it started to come back and was roaring in the second half of the year. 2021 seems like it will be much the same. Both large IBDs and RIAs are looking to increase recruiting efforts, and offer packages for jumping ship have been getting larger. Commonwealth, for instance is planning a major recruiting push this year, which builds on other big efforts from Fidelity and LPL.

FINSUM: This definitely feels like an advisor’s market for moves. Firms are hungry to recruit and advisors seem to have the upper hand in negotiations.

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