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Family Offices Increasing Fixed Income Allocation: Citi

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Citigroup conducted a survey of 268 family offices to gather information on their positioning and thoughts on the current market. Overall, the family offices decreased exposure to equities while more than half increased their fixed income allocations. According to Citigroup, it was the most significant change in family office positioning since 2020. 


The bigger trend is that family offices are becoming more conservative given the challenging economic environment. In terms of their biggest concerns, they identify inflation, a hawkish Federal Reserve, and a spike in geopolitical tensions specifically around the US and China.


Currently, the average family office has 16% in fixed income, 12% in cash, and 22% in equities. Even within these allocations, they are focusing on areas with less risk. For equities, it means companies in traditional industries with positive cash flow and attractive valuations. For fixed income, it means a bias towards higher credit quality and shorter duration. 


In total, these family offices that were surveyed control more than $1 trillion in assets. Specifically, the family offices that are adding fixed income exposure have a cumulative total of $568 billion in assets. 

Finsum: Citigroup surveyed 268 family offices to find out their thoughts on the current market. More than half are increasing fixed income allocation and selling equities. 



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