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Direct Indexing Expected to Continue Growing at a Steady Pace

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For Vettafi’s ETFTrends, James Comtois discusses some of the key advantages of direct indexing for investors, and why the category is expected to continue growing at a healthy clip over the next decade. In essence, it’s become increasingly evident over the past decade that investing passively and consistently in low-cost, diversified funds is the key to outperformance. Currently, there is $260 billion in assets managed via direct indexing with this figure expected to exceed $500 billion over the next decade. 


At the same time, society continues to evolve in a manner that serves consumers with content, products, and services that are customized to their taste. Concurrently, there has been technological innovation in the financial space that has resulted in drastic declines in the cost of stock trading and money management. 


Direct indexing is at the intersection of all these trends. It captures the best parts of passive index investing as it recreates an index in an investors’ account with some tweaks if necessary to reflect one’s personal values and beliefs or unique financial situation. It utilizes technological innovations to scan for tax loss harvesting opportunities which then can be used to lower an investors’ tax bill. Due to this factor, direct indexing strategies outperform especially in more volatile environments. 

Finsum: Direct indexing is one of the fastest growing areas in wealth management. Here are some factors behind its increasing popularity. 


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