Tuesday, 12 March 2019 12:47

US Inflation Looking Weak

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We have been tracking the economy closely looking for signs of the pending recession that everyone is so worried about. Labor market data last week set off a lot of red flags, and now things are on even more unsure footing. New data released shows that inflation rose at just 0.2% in February, representing an annual gain of 1.5% over the last twelve months. The low inflation means the Fed is not rushing, with Fed chief Powell commenting last week “With nothing in the outlook demanding an immediate policy response and particularly given muted inflation pressures, the [Federal Open Market] Committee has adopted a patient, wait-and-see approach to considering any alteration in the stance of policy”.

FINSUM: This just seems like a return to the post-Crisis norm that we have had. Maybe we will fall back into the several year mode where growth was 2% and inflation was 1.5%.

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