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Knock-knock. Who’s there?

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When opportunity knocks, what do you do?

Pretend you’re not home?

Well, in this case, volatility like never before seen in the bond market’s a prime chance generated for selective fixed income sectors, according to

Greg Peters, a managing director and co-chief investment officer of PGIM Fixed Income thinks the time’s idyllic for active fixed income managers.

Investing, well, yeah, so it’s rumored, is a difficult road to negotiate as it is. But introduce volatility into the mix and, right again: whoa.

The uncertainty of current economic conditions has landed fixed income assets smack dab on center stage, according to

Typically, fixed income assets, of course, don’t come with as much volatility and, consequently, compared to equities, the degree of risk’s dialed down.

With the possibility of handsome yields and capital gains in the eye of southbound economic conditions, Principal Asset Management Berhad believes that high-quality fixed income presents attractive opportunities for investors.

When it comes to equity investments, incorporating fixed income investments into their portfolios puts investors in a position to balance out the risk.


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