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SEC Probing Musk’s Tweets

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In what seems to have amounted to the “shot heard round the world” of financial markets, this week Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, tweeted that he may take the company private at $420 and that he already had the funding secured. As expected, this sent markets into a tizzy, with the stock gaining sharply as it moved towards the stated price. Now, however, the SEC has announced it is investigating the legality of the tweet, and is investigating the particular statements made. The SEC maintains that such a statement should have been made in an SEC filing rather than a tweet, and it wants to investigate if funding was actually secured. If not, it could mean Musk was intentionally misleading the market.

FINSUM: Musk has been on a very rocky path lately, and this SEC inquiry is not going to help. That said, the idea of taking Tesla private still seems like a good one to us.

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