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Friday, 15 June 2018 10:14

Doomsday for Income Stocks?

(New York)

Rates are rising, and that usually means bad news for income stocks. This time looks no different. Both utilities and real estate have been wounded this year, with both down between 3% and 6% for the year. The sectors are also getting increasingly unfavorable ratings from analysts.

FINSUM: We are pretty worried about losses coming for good income stocks as short-term Treasuries are yielding so much. Additionally, the Fed is sounding more hawkish, which only adds momentum to losses for rate sensitive equities.

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Monday, 04 June 2018 08:49

Don’t Get Used to sub-3% Treasury Yields

(New York)

US Treasuries took a nose dive last week on fears over Italy. They fell from well over 3.1% to well under 2.9% very quickly. However, don’t get used to those levels. The reason why is that the underlying economy is fundamentally solid, with wages and jobs strong, growth solid, and corporate tax cuts likely to give a boost. The Fed also seems likely to continue hiking, even if only slowly.

FINSUM: All these reasons aside, our own view is that yields were on a solidly rising path until the Italy issue. Since we seen that as only a temporary problem (for global markets), we suspect bond investors will regain their views.

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Monday, 04 June 2018 08:48

Why Emerging Markets Look Likely to Flop

(Sao Paulo)

Investors who had been betting on emerging markets stocks might want to take notice of what is happening in the Treasuries market. While the explanation is a little technical, hear this: since the US deficit is set to rise rapidly, the US will see a surge in Treasury issuance. That big jump is issuance will suck up investor Dollars, and is likely to greatly wound Dollar-based EM funding. The Fed will also be forced to stop shrinking its balance sheet, which will also exacerbate the situation for EMs.

FINSUM: It sounds like the EM funding market is going to take a hit, which could have major ripple effects throughout the whole asset class.

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(New York)

If you are worried that much higher rates will cause an exodus from the stock market, you are not alone. Many advisors across the country are closely watching the markets to see signs of a mass departure. The big worry is that even three-year Treasury bills now have yields which exceed the dividend yield of the S&P 500. So while for the last several years the theme was “there is no alternative”, now there are some very good ones, which could scuttle the market.

FINSUM: The good news here is that the so-called “Great Rotation” into stocks never really materialized, so there is not going to be a great rotation the other way, or at least everyone hopes so.

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Friday, 18 May 2018 10:44

US Yields Hit Seven-Year High

(New York)

Investors beware. US equity prices now seem to be entirely at the mercy of bond yields. Stocks have consistently struggled as yields have moved higher, and today Treasury yields seem to have broken an important threshold. Treasuries traded as high as 3.13% this morning, the highest level in seven years. Stock markets unsurprisingly fell. The markets were initially spooked by a solid US retail sales report that seemed to indicate the Fed might hike more aggressively than expected.

FINSUM: Yields definitely seem to have a strongly upward trend at the moment and have definitively broken out of that 2.9% band they had been locked in for a few weeks. Next stop 3.50%?

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