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Monday, 26 March 2018 11:42

Trump May Get Sunk by Recession


While all the current political anxiety seems to be centered around the midterm elections and what future that may hold for Republicans, the real trouble could be for Trump in 2020, says Bloomberg. According to economists, all signs are pointing to a recession in 2020. While the current tax cuts and fiscal stimulus will insulate the economy this year and next, “Fading fiscal stimulus, higher and rising interest rates, and cresting world demand could leave the economy vulnerable to a contraction -- just in time for the presidential campaign”, says Bloomberg.

FINSUM: A recession starting in the year of reelection would not be good for an incumbent president, and the timelines do seem to make sense.

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Friday, 23 March 2018 10:17

The Fed is About to Spark the Next Recession


Investors get ready, because it looks like the next recession is on the horizon and the Fed is set to start it. And we are not talking about a distant horizon. The Fed has now made its goal a task that has been nearly impossible historically. That is to boost the unemployment rate without causing a recession. The odds of failure are very high and the Fed has never successfully achieved it in its history. The reason the Fed wants to boost unemployment is that labor markets are very tight, which will produce unacceptably high inflation. Accordingly the Fed must intentionally walk up the unemployment rate to keep things in check. The tool it will use is gradual rate rises to slow down growth and boost unemployment.

FINSUM: We think the Fed is probably going to fail in this exercise, either by being too dovish and letting inflation get too high, or by being overly hawkish. Either way we do not see a good outcome. This cycle might have just crested.

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(New York)

Many who are worried about the future of the stock market take solace in the fact that the US economy looks strong. If the economy is doing so well, the market is less likely to fall, or so the logic goes. However, looking at history, that understanding is unwarranted, as stocks lag well in advance of economic downturns. In fact, the market usually tops out well before any economic downturn begins, and by the time a recession actually starts, stocks will have long since been in a bear market.

FINSUM: This is an excellent point. Just as the current bull market started during the fallout of the Financial Crisis, the bear market will probably start when the economy looks like it is in full swing.

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018 11:14

Wall Street Warns of Pending Recession

(New York)

One of the biggest names on Wall Street is warning investors that a recession is coming. Ray Dalio, head of the world’s biggest hedge fund, says that we are likely in for a recession as the Fed has to navigate a tricky tightening cycle. Dalio says the economy is in a hard-to-navigate period of tightening rates that will be hard for the Fed to get right. Rates are likely to rise quickly, which could spark a recession. The view is a reversal for Dalio, who had been until very recently saying that it was foolish to be wary of the stock market.

FINSUM: Dalio’s calls from Davos just a few weeks ago look foolish now, but he does make a good point that this will be a tricky period for the Fed to navigate well.

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Tuesday, 23 January 2018 10:47

Why the Next Recession Will Be Very Painful

(New York)

While everyone expects that we will have a recession at some point, and likely a significant correction, one of the big questions regards the depth. The Wall Street Journal has something to say about this issue, as the paper is arguing that the next recession is going to be brutal. The reason why is that the government won’t have as much firepower to stimulate the economy in coming years. That is because the newest tax package will send the deficit surging, and there will not be further room to cut once the recession takes hold, eliminating one of the government’s main weapons in combating recessions.

FINSUM: This makes sense to us. Several weeks back we ran an article where an analyst said he loved the tax cuts, but wished they could have been saved for the next recession. We couldn’t agree more.

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